About Clint

Clint R. Boyd is working on a Masters of Divinity at Harding School of Theology in Memphis, Tennessee.  He works part time as a tutor to some brilliant high school exchange students. He and his better half are members of Highland church of Christ in Cordova, where they are especially involved in Chinese ministry.

Topics on this blog may include any of Clint’s interests, which are fortunately yet painstakingly variegated–from technology to antiquity: interesting tidbits and ideas, art and science, intercultural marriage notes and easy recipes. Anything useful, but primarily Bible, culture, writing, and anything Chinese-related.

The title of this site, “Being Found in Human Form,” comes from Philippians 2:8 and means something different for each of us, especially in contrast to Jesus, about whom it was originally written. The title is simple homage to Him but seeks resonance with any who can read and consider what it means to be human.

Welcome to the blog. Conversation is welcome, but I post irregularly and might respond likewise.

My underdeveloped “professional” website is here: www.clintboyd.com , and a blog I started before my first trip to China remains at clintofu.wordpress.com.



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