How to Think Like an Editor — CanonWired

So, I watched the following video earlier today–all 40 minutes of it. What can I say other than I was sucked into it. What was meant to be a quick glance at an editor (who looks  a tad like Einstein) turned into almost an hour venture.

Usually I post faith-related updates flavored like a Bible study. That was my plan, anyway. However, the English major in me (which was my undergraduate work) loves stuff like this.

John Wilson, editor of “Books & Culture: A Christian Review” describes his experience in being a editor in order to help aspiring writers to think on both sides of the equation instead of just one.

Near the end, Mr. John Wilson has some great advice, and I’ll paraphrase what I can remember (with apologies to Mr. Wilson): don’t feel like you have to have read all of the classics, or whatever the latest gab is about. Read what you enjoy, and enjoy what you read. That is not to say that we shouldn’t read anything difficult, or that we shouldn’t read the classics. They’re classics for a reason.

So, have “…not a belligerent rejection but an independent spirit…”

“There is a sort of false idea that there is some set of books that if you want to be really educated, or you want to be really hip, or whatever the category is–you have to do this, you have to do this–and it’s false…

I might start to read Books and Culture sometime. Thank you for telling the truth, Mr. John Wilson.

How to Think Like an Editor — CanonWired.